We've got some wickedly important information to share with you about our international store and our policies. So gather 'round and listen up, 'cause here's the deal:


Dead Evil Clothing is all about spreading the horror and alternative fashion love worldwide. That's why we've got not one, but two stores to cater to our frightfully fantastic customers. We've got a store specifically for the United States of America, and another one for our spooky friends in the UK and Europe. Each store operates according to its own locale, which means we can slash those shipping and production prices just for you. But hey, we need you to choose the right store for your haunt, 'cause we can't be held responsible if you accidentally end up in the wrong one. So pick wisely, my fiendish friends!

While our international stores are set up specifically for the United States of America and the UK/Europe, it doesn't mean we're leaving our spooky friends from other parts of the world in the dark. Oh no, we're more than happy to ship to international locations like Australia, China, Japan, and beyond. The only catch is that shipping costs will come crawling out from the shadows and add a little extra to your order. But hey, we think it's totally worth it to bring our sinister style to every corner of the globe. So fear not, my international fiends, we've got you covered, no matter how far your haunted lair may be. Stay creepy and keep embracing the darkness!


We want you to be over the moon with your Dead Evil goodies, but sometimes things don't quite match your monstrous expectations. If you need to return or exchange an item, just remember that you're responsible for the return postage costs. And please, take care of our frightful treasures and send 'em back in their original, spine-chilling condition. If they come back looking less horrifying, you'll be responsible for any loss in value. Oh, and make sure to dispatch the item back to us within 21 days from the day it was delivered to you. Time flies when you're immersed in darkness!


We know that our international friends have to deal with customs and import taxes, and it's not exactly the most thrilling part of the process. Just a heads-up, though: you're responsible for any of those spine-tingling charges that may apply. And hey, we can't control the eerie delays caused by customs either. So keep your fingers crossed and be patient as your macabre package makes its way to you.


We want to keep you in the loop about our order process because we know how eager you are to receive your dark goodies. Here's the deal: Once you've summoned your items from the depths of our website, we'll begin processing them within a chillingly efficient 2-3 business days. But hold onto your black hats, because we don't send out shipments during weekends or holidays. We may be eerie experts, but even we need a break every now and then.

Now, here's the spooky twist: If we happen to be inundated with a spine-chilling surge of orders, it may cause a slight delay in getting your treasures on their way. We ask for your understanding and patience during these spine-tingling times. Just be prepared to grant a few additional days for your package to make its haunting journey to your crypt. Oh, and don't worry. If a significant delay looms in the shadows, we'll reach out to you via email or even summon you with an otherworldly phone call.

Remember, the anticipation only adds to the thrill. So rest assured, your dark desires will be fulfilled. Stay patient, stay mysterious, and stay connected to the twisted world of Dead Evil Clothing.



We hope these details help you navigate the twisted world of Dead Evil Clothing. Remember, we're here to keep your wardrobe devilishly stylish and your horror-loving hearts pounding. Stay creepy!