Dead Evil Clothing is a start up horror & alternative apparel brand based in York, the most haunted city in Europe!

We are life long horror fans, and our mission is simple: to clothe the masses in the darkest and most spine-chilling fashion possible. We believe that true style comes from embracing your inner demons and wearing them on your sleeve (or on your t-shirt, hoodie, or hotpants, for that matter). 

Bringing a new, exciting perspective to horror & alternative fashion, our ghouls will be creating designs that celebrate the genre in a unique and memorable way.  We aim to build a community of horror enthusiasts who have a passion for the genre, and who are not afraid to express their love for the macabre and unconventional.

Our goal is to provide a complete wardrobe for those who embrace the ghoulish, the gothic, the eerie, and the downright terrifying.  To appeal to those who appreciate horror in their own subtle way, and those who want to scream it from the cemeteries!

So if you're ready to embrace your dark side, come join us at Dead Evil Clothing. We promise you won't be disappointed - or if you are, it's probably because one of our cursed items has possessed you. Either way, it's a win-win in our book.

Stay Creepy! 

Clinton, Corey and the Ghouls at Dead Evil Towers.