Nearly Ten Horror Photographers That You Should Follow

Horror photography, often frowned upon within the industry, suffers from a multitude of poorly executed works that rely on cheap tricks. These typically involve scantily clad girls in bathtubs, drenched in fake blood. However, if you delve beyond these shallow gore fests, you'll uncover a select group of artists who excel at constructing intricate worlds, inventing captivating characters, and inducing genuine fear through their clever visual storytelling. Spare yourself the tiresome task of scouring the vastness of the internet for these dark souls—I've compiled a list of such talents for you, presented in no particular order. Just remember, if you find yourself plagued by nightmares, don't hold me responsible!

*Before we embark on this journey into the abyss, let me establish the ground rules. All individuals featured on this list are photographers who skillfully capture their own haunting imagery. I'll be creating a separate compilation for photomanipulators and artists in the near future.*


 Joshua Hoffine dead evil clothing horror apparel

 At the forefront of this list stands none other than Joshua, the undeniable leader in the field. As proclaimed on his website, "Joshua Hoffine is a renowned figure in the realm of Horror Photography, recognized globally for his pioneering contributions." And I must concur wholeheartedly. When I embarked on my photographic journey, Joshua's name was among the first to cross my path. While the prevailing trend in horror photography at the time revolved around grungy, alternative gore images, Joshua's work stood out by narrating macabre tales through ingeniously crafted fantasy visuals.

His creations transcend the ordinary, thanks to meticulously constructed sets, which Joshua himself skillfully assembles, imaginative lighting techniques, and collaborations with makeup artists well-versed in movie-grade special effects. Each piece is akin to a captivating scene plucked straight from a cinematic masterpiece. It comes as no surprise, then, that he is widely regarded as the "Greatest of All Time" in the realm of horror photography.

To witness Joshua's awe-inspiring work, simply CLICK HERE.

Clinton C Lofthouse


Now, brace yourself for a cheeky inclusion on this list—none other than yours truly. Yes, I'm shamelessly throwing myself into the mix. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, this is my show, and I'll ride along if I please (accompanied by a playful tongue-out gesture). But there's more to it than that. I genuinely believe that my work contributes positively to the realm of horror photography.

To be honest, it's been a while since I delved into the genre. I took a brief hiatus to establish and develop my commercial venture. While horror photography and dark art are undeniably thrilling, making a sustainable living solely from them poses its challenges. My strategy was to set up a thriving commercial enterprise, which would then provide the means to fuel my personal endeavors in the realms of dark art and horror. So, here I am, four years down the line, unveiling a brand-new horror photography website and penning a captivating blog.

Rather than subjecting you to a tedious description of my own work, I'll leave it up to you to form your own opinions. Explore, indulge, and judge for yourself. CLICK HERE!

 Rick Jones (Horrify Me)

Allow me to introduce you to Rick Jones, a highly acclaimed horror photographer hailing from the UK (cough cough, just like someone else on this list, cough cough). Rick's mastery lies in his exceptional use of movie-quality special effects and his ability to conjure an atmosphere of moody chiaroscuro lighting. The result? Savagely beautiful imagery that pays homage to the beloved horror movies we all hold dear. Brace yourself, for Rick's creations span the spectrum from brutal to downright mind-bending!

While many horror photographers primarily focus on their work as personal art, Rick has taken a different path, transforming his passion into a flourishing business model—an endeavor that serves as a true inspiration. Here's the exciting part: anyone can book a session with Rick and his team, stepping into the shoes of their cherished horror icons. It's an opportunity to become your very own favorite character from the realms of terror.

Curious to witness Rick's remarkable work firsthand? Simply CLICK HERE to embark on a journey into his dark and captivating realm.

 Thomas G Anderson

Imagine if the minds of David Lynch and the eerie world of Nosferatu intertwined and gave birth to a singular artistic vision—the result would be none other than the work of Thomas G Anderson. With an uncanny ability to unearth the macabre within everyday scenarios, Thomas excels at infusing them with a gothic essence. His creations feel like a twisted version of Americana, as if we were all inhabitants of a Satanic realm.

Having known Thomas for numerous years, I've had the privilege of witnessing his artistic evolution and the notable achievements he has garnered within the genre, including two prestigious i-horror awards. It's evident that this California-based artist still has plenty more to offer, and I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in his captivating body of work.

To immerse yourself in the haunting artistry of Thomas, simply CLICK HERE and prepare to be enthralled.

 Jannike Viveka

Recently, while perusing Instagram, I stumbled upon Jannike's extraordinary work and was instantly captivated by her boundless creativity and masterful storytelling conveyed through self-portraits. Unlike artists who often take ages between each creation, Jannike appears to effortlessly produce high-quality images on a daily basis. The sheer brainpower and unwavering creativity required to achieve such a feat is undeniably impressive.

Jannike's repertoire spans a wide range, from gothic aesthetics to spine-chilling Gorey spectacles, each image leaving an indelible impact as you scroll through her feed. The thrill of discovering artists of darkness like Jannike and delving into their extensive body of work is an exhilarating experience in itself.

If you're eager to witness Jannike's mesmerizing creations, simply CLICK HERE and prepare to be entranced by her dark artistry.

Ashley Von Helsing

Emerging from the confines of a quaint New England town, Ashley von Helsing manifests her artistic visions by melding otherworldly realities with atmospheric depths that resonate in the present day. In simpler terms, she crafts epic dark art, weaving together surreal and gothic imagery with a fashion-forward sensibility and technical finesse seldom seen among her contemporaries.

Browsing through Ashley's portfolio is akin to traversing the threshold into an alternate realm—a place where superstition, black magic, and demons exist, and Jean-Paul Gaultier reigns as the president. It's a peculiar yet intriguing dimension that beckons exploration.

In a twist of fate, I actually had the opportunity to meet Ashley at a casual gathering of friends, during a time when I was plagued by the most severe case of "vegas flu" I had ever encountered. Random, yet undeniably true.

To immerse yourself in Ashley's captivating world of artistry, simply CLICK HERE and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of the senses.

Kelly Robitaille


While blood and gore may be scarce in Kelly's body of work, she excels in crafting gothic fantasy imagery that transports viewers to a realm reminiscent of a Tim Burton film. With their captivating eyes, the girls in Kelly's creations appear as though they have just embarked on an escape from the whimsical world of Burton's imagination. It's a testament to the fact that dark art and horror photography can transcend violence and still leave a profound impact.

Through astute editing, meticulous styling, and masterful lighting techniques, Kelly demonstrates her ability to breathe life into her enchanting visions. While she reserves much of her darker creations for her Instagram feed, it's highly recommended to delve into her gallery to witness the depth and artistry she brings to the genre. You can find her captivating work HERE.

 Lukasz Jaszak

In my recent explorations on Instagram, I chanced upon Lukasz, a remarkable talent whose images consistently graced the explore section of my feed. With a primary focus on portraits, Lukasz possesses a knack for crafting dark art and horror characters through the intricate process of photomanipulation. His creations come alive through the ingenious interplay of imaginative outfits, captivating makeup, haunting masks, and skillful lighting.

Among all the artists featured here, Lukasz's work exudes a distinct Metal vibe, as if he has delved deep into the recesses of Rob Zombie's mind, extracting the finest elements and blending them with his own unique creativity and humor. Similar to Jannike, the sheer volume and unwavering consistency of Lukasz's output are as impressive as the concepts he brings to life.

To witness the captivating world of Lukasz's creations, simply CLICK HERE and prepare to be enthralled by his extraordinary artistry.

 Christopher Mckenney

A few years ago, I stumbled upon Christopher's extraordinary body of work, and one image, in particular, caught my attention—an ingenious portrayal of a face pushing through a sheet with no legs. It was a simple yet astonishing concept that left a lasting impression. Christopher skillfully harnesses the symbolic power of the white sheet, commonly associated with ghosts, and employs it to great effect in many of his captivating images.

In some ways, Christopher's artistic style resonates with that of Thomas G Anderson, almost as if they were siblings with parallel yet distinctly unique approaches. Both artists possess a remarkable ability to capture pockets of Americana through the lens of dark art storytelling. What sets Christopher apart is his skill in grounding the surreal within the environment, creating a documentary-like feel that could easily be mistaken for a set from a season of "American Horror Story."

To delve into Christopher's mesmerizing world of creativity, simply CLICK HERE and prepare to be transported to a realm where the extraordinary meets the everyday.


And there you have it, a collection of nine remarkable horror photographers that you simply must follow. I initially aimed for a top ten list, but alas, I couldn't come up with a tenth worthy candidate. If, by any chance, I've overlooked someone or if you know of an exceptional horror photographer, please feel free to share their link in the comments. Let's continue to celebrate the talents that bring darkness to life through the lens.

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